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Verification OK but blu ray show nothing

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Hi! I start having problems with Win XP pro sp3 recently, I have some bad burn with a GOOD verification.

With CdBurnerXp it shows the disk is full and Windows shows 0 as if It is a bkank one.

I'm i with Win7 pro 64 sp1 now, and my first try is the same, Win7 show nothing and CdBurnerXp shows a full burn ????

I leave 400mb free space to be sure before burning the blu-ray.

I got no errors at all during and after the process.

I'm using "Verbatim 25gb BD-R 6x speed" in a "6 pack" from Staples , and set to that speed.

Anyone has an idea, cause it begins to be costly to try.

P.S. Is there a minimum free space I have to give to be safe ?



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I may have found the problem. The win7 doesn't refresh explorer so it shows 0

So by just changing drive in the explorer, it appears correctly burn.

And I include a simple trick that can help others.

To do this, go to "HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\CLSID\{BDEADE7F-C265-11D0-BCED-00A0C90AB50F}\Instance",

Look out for a DWORD value called "DontRefresh" which is set to "1" (on).

Change the value to "0" (off).

View/Refresh and exit.

You could just SEARCH for "dontrefresh"



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