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Occasional Win10 crash worse with latest version

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The new significant bug is that it can no longer see the disc, which the previous version could see and burn correctly. I tried burning, and it made it 25% and crashed, locking up the drive.

I had been getting occasional crashes (the "A problem caused the program to stop working correctly" alert) but it was generally after the program had been running for a while and was idle, running in the background. So I decided to try the latest version: 64 bit, (Build time: Sun May 07 11:04:15 2017 according to Process Explorer.)

The new version says that it can't detect the disc in the audio compilation window, but it could still report the information it saw if I asked for disc information from the menu. It is a 700MB CD-R that worked with the previous CDBXP version. I believe my previous version was the last minor change release, but it may have been 2.

Probably TMI, but maybe some of these details will help.

I ignored the missing disc error and started burning an audio compilation I had just burned with the previous version.

25% of the way through, Win 10 popped up the "A problem caused the program to stop working correctly" alert. I clicked the Close Program button on the dialog.

According to Process Explorer, cdbxpp.exe was still running and consuming a fair amount of memory; the disc was still spinning. I have a Process Explorer dump, if you're interested in it.

I killed the process, but CDBXP won't it won't restart, it hangs before any screens appear. It does get listed in Process Explorer, where I can kill it.

I can't remove the disc from the still spinning CD tray using its button or Windows Media player's command. I tried using a Command Prompt window, which froze from using:
C:\Program Files\CDBurnerXP>cdbxpcmd.exe --eject 

I eventually got the drive to stop using its button; here is the device info.
C:\Program Files\CDBurnerXP>cdbxpcmd.exe --list-drives
0: PLDS     DVD+-RW DS-8A5SH (D:\)



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Update: after rebooting, it could recognize the drive and I burned two discs. A little while later the same dialog had appeared and I had to use it to close the program. Process Explorer did not show any CDBXP operations still running.

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I installed the suggested version. It might have helped, but in the end the program froze again.

Attempt 1, success with difficulties.

It was having a lot of trouble copying the disc with a lot of chattering, audible retries.
28% at 3 minutes.
6+ minutes to read; Per the status: 4:59 to write (at 24x). (Brand new flawless disc.)

Attempt 2, success then cancel.

1:33 read time for a different disc, the one that had originally crashed the program. I cancelled the coping instead of proceeding to burn.

Attempt 3, crash

23% at 3+ minutes on third new disc; 
"5:58 elapsed" when it was done reading; 
14:27 elapsed, but it's still at 50% according to the title bar, so it hasn't really started writing.
at 16+ minutes, the disc started spinning rapidly at 17 minutes I hit cancel. Here is the log at that point:

2:49:39 PM    Target device changed to: D: PLDS DVD+-RW DS-8A5SH
2:49:39 PM    Source device changed to: D: PLDS DVD+-RW DS-8A5SH
2:50:19 PM    Disc copy started.
2:57:05 PM    Started burning the extracted image to disc
2:57:16 PM    Writing process started at 24x (4,234 KB/s)
3:02:15 PM    Copying disc was completed successfully.
3:03:48 PM    Disc copy started.
3:09:15 PM    Cancelled burning image to disc.
3:09:45 PM    Disc copy started.
3:17:07 PM    Started burning the extracted image to disc
3:17:17 PM    Writing process started at 24x (4,234 KB/s)
3:27:14 PM    Aborting burning process, please wait...

Eventually control returned to the program, but the disc is still going full speed.

4. Event log.

Early on there was a warning in the Event Viewer: An error was detected on device \Device\CdRom0 during a paging operation.
Later, a single error (System): The device, \Device\Ide\iaStor0, did not respond within the timeout period.

There were no Application errors logged.

5. Try again.

I tried to start Copy or grab a disc by double clicking, and saw that CDBurnerXP was now Not Responding.

There are no new events and the disc is spinning. The drive's eject button won't stop it. 

Windows Media Player sees a blank disc. Using it to try to eject the disc temporarily freezes media player.

Using cmd.exe in Administrator mode, cdbxpcmd.exe --list-drives freezes until I CTRL-C it.

I used Task Manager to end CDBXP, which was still listed as Not Responding. Although it wasn't reporting as Not Responding I also had to end Windows Media Player with Task Manager.

6. The end.

It looks like I'll have to reboot this time to get the disc back, so that's all for now.

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