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Occasional Win10 crash worse with latest version

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The new significant bug is that it can no longer see the disc, which the previous version could see and burn correctly. I tried burning, and it made it 25% and crashed, locking up the drive.

I had been getting occasional crashes (the "A problem caused the program to stop working correctly" alert) but it was generally after the program had been running for a while and was idle, running in the background. So I decided to try the latest version: 64 bit, (Build time: Sun May 07 11:04:15 2017 according to Process Explorer.)

The new version says that it can't detect the disc in the audio compilation window, but it could still report the information it saw if I asked for disc information from the menu. It is a 700MB CD-R that worked with the previous CDBXP version. I believe my previous version was the last minor change release, but it may have been 2.

Probably TMI, but maybe some of these details will help.

I ignored the missing disc error and started burning an audio compilation I had just burned with the previous version.

25% of the way through, Win 10 popped up the "A problem caused the program to stop working correctly" alert. I clicked the Close Program button on the dialog.

According to Process Explorer, cdbxpp.exe was still running and consuming a fair amount of memory; the disc was still spinning. I have a Process Explorer dump, if you're interested in it.

I killed the process, but CDBXP won't it won't restart, it hangs before any screens appear. It does get listed in Process Explorer, where I can kill it.

I can't remove the disc from the still spinning CD tray using its button or Windows Media player's command. I tried using a Command Prompt window, which froze from using:
C:\Program Files\CDBurnerXP>cdbxpcmd.exe --eject 

I eventually got the drive to stop using its button; here is the device info.
C:\Program Files\CDBurnerXP>cdbxpcmd.exe --list-drives
0: PLDS     DVD+-RW DS-8A5SH (D:\)



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Update: after rebooting, it could recognize the drive and I burned two discs. A little while later the same dialog had appeared and I had to use it to close the program. Process Explorer did not show any CDBXP operations still running.

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