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I have an issue with cdbxp updates

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I usually keep all my software updated regularly, but the last time cdburnerxp was updated it caused me to lose two dvd's worth of stored data.

I use dvds rather than cloud storage or an external drive, and I generally burn discs with the "continue later" option so I can add more files as needed.

I've done this for years with no problem, I've done this for a long while with no problem even when installing the cdbxp updates, but in the last update it was found that the updated version did not recognize the previous version (with which all my stored files had been burned) and saw the disc I wished to continue as either 1: totally full, no space available, or 2: a corrupted and unusable disc.

At the time I hadn't heard that the update was the cause of this, so I thought my data was forever lost, searched out as much as I could find of it from other sources, and, believing the fault to be with the disc itself, reformatted the discs and burned my data back to them -- or as much of it as I was able to find.

Ok, long story but here's my point: there is an update available once again, and I am VERY reluctant to risk applying the update because I don't want to make my current discs incompatible with the updated burner. In fact, unless I can be assured that this update incompatibility issue will not occur again, I will no longer be updating cdburner xp, and when it ages to the point where it is no longer an efficient tool for me, I will most likely switch to another burning software.

I can't begin to tell you how distressful it was to discover that my stored files were no longer available on discs that I'd been continuing to add to over several months.

Some might tell me that I should use a more reliable storage system. and that may be so, but that is not the point of my message today. My point is to discover whether new updates are likely to once again destroy the functionality of my existing installation, no more, no less.

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Not being able to continue a session does not prevent you from accessing the files on the disc though. So I don't see how you could experience data loss because of this update.

In any case, I cannot give you any guarantees, ever. With benefit of hindsight, it might have been better to prevent a 4.4 to 4.5 auto update, but I didn't see so much of a problem with this incompatibility, as downgrading has always been an option too.

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