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I downloaded the new versions 32 bit and 64 bit without installcore.  As is my usual practice I ran the files through Virus Total and both were flagged with 4 problems.  I downloaded the portable version, and a Virus Total scan came up clean  I'd like to install the program, but am wary after the scans.

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Hi floele, I did download the 'without install core', both the 32 and 64 bit.  I ran both through Virus Total, a highly regarded online scanner which scans the file with over 60 virus scanners from different companies.  Going from memory, Trend Micro found two instances, and the other scanner which I can't remember, pointed to another two.  I then downloaded the portable version, and Virus Total gave it a clean bill.  

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I have had same problem.  My AV flags "Win32/FusionCore32.Q".  Get it with and without InstallCore.  Could I install and then remove it?

Love the program.  Used for years.  Never had this problem.



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22 hours ago, Leo Munter said:

Get it with and without InstallCore

If you get it in both versions, your antivirus application is just reporting a false positive. Nothing I can do about that.

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