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HRESULT: 0x80040275 drive dead???

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I will not post any details for drive and disks since i use the same hardware and disks for long time without problems.

I keep updated software even not using for some time. Before 2 months was working perfectly but now on version and cant burn DVDs on iso9660.

Cant burn 5 files witch one is 3GB. total size is 3.5GB.

Behavior is like.... 1.start burning 2.preparing.... and preparing till some time i get this message and DVD ejected . (i always check validate disk-backup purposes)

10:00:08 πμ    Η εγγραφή ξεκίνησε σε 6x (8.310 KB/s)
10:07:35 πμ    Συνέβει σφάλμα: Εξαίρεση από HRESULT: 0x80040275

thats all messages. disk is working BUT hashing the files... the big on is not correct.

Is my drive dead???? Can i roll back to older version 2 months ago?


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thanks for quick answer.

Finally my burner is dead - not working well. I changed the drive and now works well.

(when app was ejecting the disk.. i could see on surface that data was burned... but verification of data wasn't correct.)

Case closed.

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