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Virusscanner prevents installing CDBurnerXP

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Just tested....

CDBurner Xp installer. The program itself is goodware. It comes bundled with some adware, just pay attention when installing, in order not to install the adware bundled in it.

more in https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/2ecf87b88eef8e4617d039dc53ce1512fe1620af2a5a737e2413500770053fb7/detection

version tested hash file..


CRC32: E3601871


SHA256: 2ECF87B88EEF8E4617D039DC53CE1512FE1620AF2A5A737E2413500770053FB7

SHA1: 91E085F6C6820A8C13E86B852D79AF5478E531B1

BLAKE2sp: 5A228FD8A82668153875C521E5743037E72778C7DC5032285BB7AB12AA2CCC3D



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This is a HUGE bug! And a quick Google check will show it has been a problem for a very,very,very long time. In fact,one of the top Google results is from Feb 19,2011. Today is Feb 18,2018. Hehehe! Tomorrow will be the 7th year anniversary of this bug. Funny,but sad-the guy from 7 years ago decide not to use it.

I'm about to write a separate post trying to help the less computer literate people. But you sound like you know what your doing,so I'll give you the short answer that will probably help:

1) Goto the "More download options" page-which takes you here:


2) Look for  "Default Installer (without installcore)"

3) choose the 32bit or 64bit version,download that and click to install. Chances are your antivirus will see it as a clean file and will not give you a warning (my Norton AntiVirus declares it clean).

-the installer filename you want as of Feb 18,2018 is "  cdbxp_setup_4.5.8.6795_x64_minimal.exe  "

that has the version number,64bit....the KEY is it must have the word "minimal" in it. 

If you are reading this at a date other than Feb 18,2018, the numbers may be different because the version you are downloading may be different.

I hope this helped!



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On 19.2.2018 at 3:17 AM, DustyGeeker said:

This is a HUGE bug!

What exactly is a bug here?

I just wish vendors of antivirus applications would do a better job at explaining what's happening. How is anyone supposed to understand what's going on with messages like the one above...

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