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VIRUS! (not really-here is the fix)

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This is a HUGE bug! And a quick Google check will show it has been a problem for a very,very,very long time. In fact,one of the top Google results is from Feb 19,2011. Today is Feb 18,2018. Hehehe! Tomorrow will be the 7th year anniversary of this bug. Funny,but sad-the guy from 7 years ago decide not to use it.

It looks like most the antivirus programs are flagging the installer as a virus. Now,I am a bit more experienced than your average user (I was building/programming/using computers before MS-DOS was around) and I am 99.999999% sure there is not a virus in cdburnerxp,despite what many antivirus programs report.

And that is where the real BUG is! Who is a casual computer user going to believe? A guy on the internet or their antivirus program? You have got to be losing a lot of would-be users because of this! And that is a shame since a CD/DVD burner is incomplete without cdburnerxp,in my opinion and the majority of reviewers. It is one of those rare programs that is both extremely useful and easy to use.

The sad part is there is such an easy fix!

Take out installcore-even if there is a monetary reason to use it. Make the installer without installcore the default installer. The antiviris programs will be happ,and more importantly,your casual computer users will not freak out and look elsewhere.



1) Goto the "More download options" page-which takes you here:


2) Look for  "Default Installer (without installcore)"

3) choose the 32bit or 64bit version,download that and click to install. Chances are your antivirus will see it as a clean file and will not give you a warning (my Norton AntiVirus declares it clean).

-the installer filename you want as of Feb 18,2018 is "  cdbxp_setup_4.5.8.6795_x64_minimal.exe  "

that has the version number,64bit....the KEY is it must have the word "minimal" in it. 

If you are reading this at a date other than Feb 18,2018, the numbers may be different because the version you are downloading may be different.

I hope this helped!


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Thank you.

Did have such problems, as Symantec kept deleting my downloaded installer.

Downloading the Installer without installcore as suggested did solve the issue.

Antivirus software can also be disabled during download/installation, although some antivirus programs tends to be to aggressive to obey, and will keep a watchful eye open even if you tell them to look the other way.

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On 19.2.2018 at 3:41 AM, DustyGeeker said:

Take out installcore-even if there is a monetary reason to use it.

I do not see an appropriate replacment for installCore. Sure, I could do without the money but why should I? I think it's an OK balance between revenue and impact on the end user. I'd go with better options if there were any.

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On 18/2/2018 at 11:41 PM, DustyGeeker said:

Take out installcore-even if there is a monetary reason to use it.

of course, we will pay for example this very website and the download bandwidth from thin air.. we will just pick money from the magic tree and be done with it :blink:

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I have this program and also have a Eset flags this as a virus.  It is not a nice bug.  I have black screens Printers and network access shut down by it. 

I must reload a machine repeatedly for 1 year.    I am quite sure it is this as I regularly rely on it.     

It flags it with Cryptoobfuscator and Win32:/fusioncore.Q virus  

The virus writes itself on to other files and kind of mutates to other versions of fusioncore.I and L


I think your program itself is very good.  It does fantastic things and has never failed me (as other products pump out disks with flaws over and over.).

 The features are fantastic.  Even to know what disks my system can burn is a great feature.

I may try the idea above to get this fixed.


It is a shame that it must come with some sort of a virus.  How can you let this happen?  It is like giving someone A beautiful nice piece of cake with a fly baked inside it.

I do not mean to complain but this is not good.   My comment is entirely supportive of such a good product.

At the very least the download version on your website should be scanned and cleaned regularly for people.  How does it even get on your version?  Is the infection from the Web???


Very Respectfully, Rick M

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W32/FusionCore.Q is classified as a file infector.
A file infector is a type of malware that has the capability to propagate by attaching its code to other programs or files.
The Fortinet Antivirus Analyst Team is constantly updating our descriptions. Please check the FortiGuard Encyclopedia regularly for updates.

recommended-action.svg?v=5Recommended Action


  • Make sure that your FortiGate/FortiClient system is using the latest AV database.
  • Quarantine/delete files that are detected and replace infected files with clean backup copies.
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  • 2 weeks later...

I mean no problem with this description.  

I am digging into what has forced me to change 3 family computers to Linux and Chromium OS and made one main PC be reloaded 6 times in a row better.

This virus was found repeatedly inside the download of CDXP.  It may be only in the installer.    

The post above is me researching what this virus is and it is from an Antivirus software page about that specific virus.  I am trying to remove this infection over and over and over.

It is causing me some major headache.


Only one software even comes close to removing it and that is ESET.    5 other antivirus software just skip it including Avast and Malwarebytes

No system I have found repair the damage to windows or to the registry this virus causes.

Symptoms include Black screen of death locking user out of system,  IP stack corruption disrupting all network connectivity also impossible to fix with any repair method

, Programs randomly misbehaving,  Code being repeatedly being written onto other exe files.


It is a virus that locks on to a type of code and injects itself into it so that it may infect other systems.

I do not know how it gets into this installer.  Obviously not into the CDXP itself.

I can only figure that the virus likes the installer and can easily attack it.


I am only trying to problem solve my own machines.    I have just gone through 1.5 years of reloading systems over this awfulness.

I realize it is not your fault but there must be some basic remedy if not clear Identification of the actual problem.


I realize your own code is clean and you really cannot control the installer code or the virus itself.   All I can do is point out the easiest Identification and solution.

There are not too many solutions here.  Eset rescue disk is free and the  best one I have found.

It at least Identify the virus and problem.   I have found no repair for windows at this time other than completely reloading it.  





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