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The option to employ "volume leveling across all tracks" during the burning process needs to be added to the options for the burner.  Also, while the song and album titles will display on players that are compatible with that, when opening the burned CD on a computer, the tracks only display as "track 1, track 2, track 3", etc. - i.e., the song titles cannot be seen.  CDBurnerXP needs to be updated to burn discs so the song names are visible when viewing the disc's file names.

I wanted to burn a mix CD to a CD-RW blank disc so I could then erase it and burn other things later.  I selected "Audio Disc" from CDBurnerXP's initial dialogue box, and then added individual tracks from their corresponding folders inside my computer's Music folder once inside the program's compilation window.  My music files are in either .mp3 or .wma lossless format.  I added some of both, one at a time.  CDBurnerXP burned the disc, yet retained the files' original extensions and bit rates.  So, upon opening the disc on my PC, the tracks were still mp3's and wma's.  Nothing had the .cda tag on it.  By design, my car's 2016 Alpine CD player will play .mp3 files with bit rates up to 320 kbps and .wma files with bit rates no larger than 192 kbps (so much for "lossless").  I ripped .wma lossless tracks from my CDs to my computer's hard drive to preserve as much of the original CD tracks as possible so I could then burn my own CDs to play on my home stereo system without compromising fidelity due to hyper-compression.  However, my car's CD player will not play the .wma lossless tracks at their much larger bit rate.  They are "unsupported" because of it's limitation to 192 kbps .wma tracks.  So, to make it so they would play in my car, I was left thinking I would have to go through and compress my .wma files individually if I wanted to burn them to CD.  Quite a letdown.

Today, I took a look at CDBurnerXP's "Options" to see if there was something in there that would tell the program to add the .cda tag while burning CD's.  Nothing.  Still, I selected "Audio Disc" again, and added the same tracks as before.  I then looked at the "Options" in the CD burner dialogue box once I clicked on "Burn" to see if there was anything there to help.  Nothing.  I also looked in the Forum, FAQs, and online instructions.  Nothing.  I let the burner go through with burning the tracks to a CD-RW disc.  After it completed, I opened the CD-RW on my computer and, suddenly, all of the tracks now had the .cda tag on them as they should have from the start, and the CD-RW will play in my car's CD player!

I have outlined this experience to pass along to the creators of CDBurnerXP that there are things that seem to go wrong, inexplicably, when using the program, the online help is inadequate and needs to be updated and corrected, and nothing in the Forum covers what I've written about here.

Please address the concerns with the online instructions, FAQs, and Forum, and update CDBurnerXP to add what I have described here and to correct for software bugs.  Thank you.

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