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Is CdBurnerXP stuck or will just take a long time?

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Hello, new here, but I'll give it my best. Browsed thru the FAQ, but couldn't really find what I was looking for.

Anyway, here's the story.

Today, I downloaded Win 8.1 and am trying to burn it to a DVD+R using CdBurnerXP on my Win XP laptop.

Install went fine (only issued was needing to install .NET Framework 2.0 or higher first) and no problems figuring out the menu and customization options. It's currently writing now. I am trying to burn the 4.1GB file of Win8.1 OS installation to a blank DVD+R for the purpose of making it a boot-table disc in order to install Win8.1 on another laptop with a brand-new hard drive (I have the product key written down for Win8.1). The file was already converted to an ISO Image file successfully, just trying to burn the file to the disc now. 

Now, my reason for posting and concern is how long will this take roughly?

My only concern is would you happen to know or estimate how long it will take? It's a 4.1 GB file. I started it about an hour and a half ago and towards the very start, it's been stuck on 'Time Elapsed 00:00:33' Also cannot move the mouse. However it seems to be running as I can see the light on the disc drive blinking, so I know it's doing something. And yes, the disc drive works fine on the Windows XP I am currently burning the disc on. It's a Memorex DVD+R DLDVD-RW 16x disc drive.
It's writing the file at 2.4x (3,324 KB/s).

Should I try to compress the ISO file , say.. into ISZ? So it's not so many GBs to burn or would that not work on boot-up the way I am wanting it to if I did that?
I'm hoping it would be finished in about 6-8 hours from now at least? Otherwise going to have to plan this out on a weekend, can't borrow this other laptop all work-week.

If anyone can help, thank you greatly for your time.

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