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Building more ISOs from same disc produces different ISOs

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If I build 2 ISOs from the same disc and compare their MD5 checksum, they are different.

If I do the same thing with ImgBurn, MD5 checksum is always the same, even if ISOs have different file names (of course) or they are stored in different partitions.

With cdbxp no.

This implicates that comparing the disc content with an ISO built by ImgBurn gives positive result, while comparing it with a ISO built by cdbxp doesn't (of course this depends on the fact that cdbxp produced ISOs are all different).

Isn't this dangerous for copy fidelity? I mean, if I copy a disc many times building every time the ISO before and then writing it to a new disc, the risk is that in the end it's unreadable because it's too "far away" from the original.

Or maybe cdbxp adds, for example, time stamps to the ISO it produces so MD5 of more ISOs will always be different?

BTW, no problem burning a 250MB iso on a cd-rw with 4.0.022, works like a charm, no pc freeze or the like.

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