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DVD Video does not run on PC and can not be copied again

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I created a video for the school class of my daughter out of several clips in different formats, converted it to a dvd compatible format (vob with ifo and bup-files) and burned it on a dvd using cdburnerxp, burning option: DVD Video.

The DVD works proper in any standalone DVD Player but not on my PC.

The teacher asked me to make a second copy of the disc, the copy doesn't work neither on a stand alone player nor on the pc.

I already deleted the original file because I expected no problem in copying this dvd but now I'm afraid of loosing all the material and work invested in this dvd.

I also tried to copy the dvd as iso, with the windows explorer (burning a data dvd with the dvd specifiv folders AUDIO_TS and VIDEO_TS in UDF 1.02 format and ISO format), tunebite and different other ways, nothing works.

No copy is runing anywhere, the (now) original dvd is only running on standalone players, not on PCs.

I'm really helpless and desperated, can anybody please help me to save this Videofile anyhow.

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