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We use CDBurnerXP pretty extensively at our company, yesterday we suddenly started seeing multiple systems showing 'No Compatible drives'. Appears on both Windows 7 and 10 systems, on some systems only some users have the issue, on others all users have the issue. Around the same time yesterday we had promo'd a 2016 Server to a Domain Controller, Domain is on 2008. Windows see's the drive without an issue, and identifies it as a burner. We've run through some pretty extensive troubleshooting and cannot narrow down the issue. Thanks !

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I am having the same issue except I am not a member of a domain; I am simply a home user.

Have you figured anything out about this yet?

Thank you very much.


-Jason Wirick

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Just in case anyone else runs across this, I tried the above, no joy. But then I ran CDBurnerXP as administrator, and voila. BluRay writer detected.

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