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Making EXACT copy of audio CD ...

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This really shouldn't be this hard ...  I duplicate every CD I buy and for over 15 yrs, I've been able to use the software that came with the computer to do this easily.  Cdburnerxp is the FOURTH program I've downloaded that has failed.

All I want to do is make an EXACT COPY of my albums!  EXACT COPY, meaning - EXACTLY THE SAME, including ALL TRANSITIONS/PAUSES between songs - EXACTLY THE WAY IT ORIGINALLY PLAYS.  I used the "copy audio cd" feature and this dumb program STILL put 2 second gaps between every song, including between the ones that are supposed to be connected (i.e. the end of one song continues to play into the start of the next one - like the first 3 tracks on Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon ... Imagine how annoying ... "Balanced on the biggest wave, you race towards an early grave-- 2 SECOND PAUSE-- *dunnnnnn* "On the Run" starts). 

Anyways, since cdburnerxp fails to accurately offer an option to make an EXACT copy of a CD, can anyone PLEASE recommend software that can do this, WITHOUT having to create an image file myself first?  Like, I can just insert CD, click copy, insert blank CD, burn & eject?

Thank you in advance.

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Actually, this is indeed not a simple thing to implement. What most applications, including CDBurnerXP, do is simply coping the audio files. Anything in between is harder to determine and replicate. I'm certain there are applications (maybe commercial) that do this but I don't know which ones.

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Audio discs have quite a different data structure compared to data discs. I'm not saying it's impossible, but I can't implement it with the tools I have.

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