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Copy CD Save compilation to ISO does nothing

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I'm trying to backup an audio CD I own, using the instructions "Create an ISO Image of an existing disc" from this website: https://cdburnerxp.se/help/Data/createiso

However, because it's an audio disc, I either have to save it as these strange mds/mdf files (which I'm not seeing how to use at all), or I can follow the instructions "Create an ISO Image from a compilation", which has me click Data Disc from CDBurnerXP's splash menu, then I drag the CD drive (containing the disc) to the compilation window, which puts all the disc's tracks in there, then I click "File → Save compilation as ISO file", but it just saves like a 74KB file that does nothing...

What's going on? I'm trying to back up either the full disc or the audio files and any other files on it (since it may contain CD-TEXT or some other sort of "enhanced" CD files)... I simply want a digital copy of this disk or whatever's on it (hidden or otherwise) in case the physical copy becomes too damaged.

I'd prefer to have FLAC but I'm not seeing how to (easily/safely/freely) do this on Windows 7/10.

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