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Getting a WIN32 error trying to do anything to a disc. CDBurnerXP not working at all.

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Hi all,

I have an error whether I want to burn a disc or erase a rewriteable disc.

Basically everything I do with CDBurnerXP fails when it starts a task.

As an example when I try to burn a disc I get the following error in a popup Window:

WIN32 error: StarBurn_ScsiTransportSPTI::CSarBurn_ScsiTransportS...:DeviceIoControl( 0x664 ( STAROPEN_IOCTL_OPEN ), 0x222004, 0x0F3EE254, 2060, 0x0F3EE254, 2060, 0x0F3EE248, 0x00000000 ) dailed, status 32 (0x20)

I also have a laptop with CDBurnerXP and that seems to work fine but on my Desktop it is not working.

I am running the latest version on both the working laptop and the failing desktop.

The desktop is running Windows 10 and the drive is an IDE drive, not a SATA drive.

I have tested burning discs with AShampoo Burning Studio Free and the Windows 10 built-in burning and both work properly, there is only a problem with CDBurnerXP.

Can anyone decipher this error and help me get CDBurnerXP working on my Desktop?






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Hello floele,

Thanks for your reply.

I installed the SPTD drivers and modded the INI file and tested an erase and a Data DVD burn and both worked perfectly.

I understand that SPTD mode is not the norm in CDBurnerXP.

I would prefer to use native mode in CDBurnerXP and not need to install and use the SPTD Drivers.

What could be the problem with my Desktop CDBurnerXP not working?

I have Ashampoo Burning Studio 2019 also installed so I don't know whether there are conflicts causing the problem?

The thing is that my laptop also has both Ashampoo Burning Studio 2019 and CDBurnerXP and it runs both fine.

It is only my Desktop that has the problem with CDBurnerXP.

Any ideas on getting CDBurnerXP working without SPTD?



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The reason SPTD exists is to solve issues such as yours. If you intend to be fine without it, you'll have to find a solution on your own, I cannot support such cases.

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