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[C] Support for cuesheet files (.cue)

Would you like CDBurnerXP to support cuesheet files (.cue)?  

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  1. 1. Would you like CDBurnerXP to support cuesheet files (.cue)?

    • Yes
    • No

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I've noticed that CDBurnerXP doesn't support the cuesheet files.

It's a fact that CDBurnerXP functionality consists of burning data or audio projects.

the cuesheet is a very popular "image" that used along an audiofile (wav, mp3, etc) let the user burn a full & no-gap concert, DJ set, music album, etc.

I was wondering why CDBurnerXP has not yet this feature. do you have plans on adding this feature for a future release?

I think that many users will like that :D

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I'ld like to reinforce this suggestion.

Every audiophile has used .cue files.

Many Audio projects consist of burning cuesheet files.

In my case I'm a DJ and all my sets are created in a single mp3 file, then I use DCSoft CDRCue 2004 to create a cuesheet so that I can burn a CD with song separators.

In that way the Burned CD can play smoothly from beginning to end and you can skip to the next song, all that without a gap between tracks.

That's just one use for the cuesheet files.

Hope to see it on a future version.

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Hi again !

I can see that the poll results indicates that users would like to see .cue file support.

I don't know how complex would be to add this kind of support. perhaps there are other programs in the Open Source Code scheme that could be taken as a basis for adding .cue support to CDBurnerXP.


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