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Writing Error 3 message

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I get a Writing Error 3 message when trying to write to CD-RW. Also says "Error Sense Data, SENSE KEY: 5 ACS: 30 ASCQ: 5".

I'm using a Sony CRX700E which CDBurnerXP Pro recognizes when I Select "Recorder Information" from the Recorder Menu

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Guest swampy

I too get...

11:24:31 Writing process started at 1.0x - 1385 kB/s

11:24:33 Writing Error: (3) Error occurred writing data to disc. Unknown error - ...

...and then a message box...

CDBurnerXP Pro 3 - Critical

Writing Error: (3) Error occurred writing data to disc.

Unknown error - use extended data for more information (1051).

Error Sense Data: SENSE KEY: 5 ASC: 30 ASCQ: 5

I have just installed CDBurnerXP Pro on Windows 2000

and am trying to burn data to a DVD-R on a NEC ND-1300A.

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Guest cody

same problem with winME ,cd burner xp pro 3.0.116 same error message after burn cdr (verbatim 48x) at 24x, using lg cdrw drive 8526b

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Guest swampy

Unfortunately, I can't specify exactly which of the

three things we did was the magic, or if some combination

did the trick - we were in desperate frustration mode by then,

taking a shotgun approach, rather than being systematic.

Nonetheless, here are the three things we did...

1) Even though we are using Windows 2000, and this site seems to say

that we should not (and perhaps indeed do not) need them, I went ahead

and installed ASPI drivers, from Adaptec...

http://download.adaptec.com/software_pc ... i_v470.exe

2) My better half went to the NEC site, downloaded the latest firmware

for the NEC ND-1300A, and flashed it.


Don't be afraid to do this, it's easy and painless

(especially for me, as I only had to watch).

Flashing is best left to ladies, gentlemen prefer to watch. :o

3) And finally, rather low tech, but perhaps not at all insignificant...

I put aside the old DVD-R blank I'd been trying unsuccessfully to burn

for two days, and took a FRESH blank from the spindle.

I suggest you use a fresh blank on EVERY trial.

You can always go through "Stack B" and salvage out the good ones

AFTER your burner is up and running.

Again, which of these did the trick, I can't say with certainty,

but hopefully this information is helpful to someone else.

We're burning DVDs left and right.

I can't say that all is absolutely perfect:

The 1300A still won't so much as _read_ a CD of any format,

it's strictly a DVD drive. But, the other drive handles CDs just fine,

so we're happy. CDBurnerXP reports the burn speed as 1x,

though we burn a full 4.7 Gigs in 15 minutes.

It works, so, we don't much care what it says.

All in all, we're very happy now.

Incidentally, whlie trying to get the 1300A to burn,

we tried both Roxio and Nero. It may be mere coincidence,

but CDBurnerXP is what we were trying when it finally worked,

and CDBurnerXP is what we're going to stick with.

It works! ...and thank you very much for it.

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