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Spanning algorithm inefficient with mostly large files

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Copying 800GB of 1-20GB video files (2000+ of them) should span across 32 25GB BDRs, instead is uses 50 discs, leaving many just over half used.  Please let me know what I provide to help with addressing this.

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CDBurnerXP does not split files, it only spreads them across discs (which has the advantage that you don't need any tools to put your data back together). This may lead to a large amount of unused space if you have very large files. If you send me a full list of files (just individual sizes) I can check if the algorithm does something unnecessarily stupid and can be optimised, but you will never get a perfect use of space.

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Can I send you the project file, or do you need a dir listing?  Send me your email and I will reply with either/both.  As a test I tried the other option to keep files together and it used fewer discs at 47...

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