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Winbloze won't read multi-session DVD-R disc

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I am in trouble big time! I have burned 2.5G of important data to a dvd-r disc and deleted the data off my hard disc.

Today I wanted to retrieve some of that data and Winbloze would only read the first session.

I created this disc completely in CDBurnerXP Pro and clicked "continue multi-session disc" when I burned the second and third time. I even tried finalising the disc, but still only the first session is read.

CDBurnerXP Pro has the last session available when I insert the disc and open the programme, so I don't know what is happening. I really need this data.

Can anyone help or have I made a very expensive coaster??



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Guest Maggy

Same here. Fortunately I did not yet erase the data from harddisk. But neither Windows XP explorer nor CDBurnerXP nor ISOBuster are able to read any of my data since the last session. The write of the last session was verified, I took the disk out, wanted to add someting, put it back in and it stared spinning forever. I do not see a fingerprint, scratch or even the tiniest spec of dust on the surface.

I decided to throw this disk away and burn a new one a few days ago. So this disk is no longer available for testing if anyone would like to try.

But I stumbled upon this tread and decided to report my similar experience.



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