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dvd+r disk - home videos - cannot access

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Hello, I just joined this forum in hopes to find an answer to a question which I'm not even sure I am asking correctly..... here's the problem:  I have home videos which, back in the late 1990's - early 2000's I copied from my camcorder on to several HP dvd+r 16x disks.  What I wasn't aware of at the time was that some 20 years later when I wanted to watch my home videos, there are NO dvd players which recognize these dvd's..... not even my laptop's dvd drive.  I read after conducting a google search that these dvd's needed to be "finalized" and so I found CDBurnerXP and tried to navigate through to find how to finalize the dvd+r disk, but the attached errmessage pops up.

Can anyone help me understand/how to successfully view the video recordings which were copied onto the dvd+r 16x disks over 20 years ago?

Much thanks in advance for any support.


Burn Disk Error.jpg

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The error code basically says "no data", which is probably caused by not adding any data to the disc using CDBurnerXP. It doesn't have a "finalize only" feature. But you can check the disc information window to find out if the disc is indeed not finalized.

After 20 years your discs might also have become unusable. Since DVD+R are not particularly uncommon, the situation you describe might be an indiciation for this having happened. Again, you can use the disc information window to determine whether any data can still be detected on the disc.

If you look for more permanent storage options, have a look at M-Disc or cloud storage.

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