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UDF versus Joilet and Roxio's setup

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I was confused why my Roxio 2012 played in my car cd player where the disc shows UDF in properties, while CDburnerXP did not work using UDF. I noticed that Roxio uses Files System UDF102 in addition to a Joliet bridge. Whereas in CDcurnerXP, there is no such bridge. In CDburnerXP, I have to use Joliet (CDFS) for it to work in my car. I guess I may have to ask Roxio about this bridge system and how and why it works where I don't have to decide which one to use. It will just know which one to use. Any ideas? I have always used Roxio 2012 but it is bulky and subsequent versions are even worse; however it has always worked for me. Once I set CDburnerXP to joliet all is well. It is a nice simple system but like every program, you have to figure out it nuances.

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