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A big thank you to you!!

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:D I would like to say thanks for making this super programme. I have been banging my head against a brick wall for the past few months, buying loads of blank disc's just to find 9 times out of 10 they fail .... GRRRR

I have a laptop and it came with RecordNow, that worked for a few months then started throwing up errors all the time. Installed Nero 6, the new version, cost a bomb, and that wouldn't work. Like with the other kept throwing up errors.

I really thought there was a problem with the burner, and that the whole lot would have to be sent away. "Was not looking forward to that"

Well I accidentally came across your site and thought "what the heck, got nothing to loose" and tried it out. I was shocked and stunned that it actually worked first time, and 6 disc's later still going strong. I am that used to everything failing, that this totally shocked me, my laptop isn't broken ... yippee

Your guys are the best, you have made my day, thanks so much from the bottom of my heart .... :)

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Your so welcome, as I am one happy lady!!!!!!!!!

I hope it continues to work error free.

I just love it, its so user friendly, and nice to the eye. Plus it works on my laptop ... :D when I was about to give up !!

10/10 .. your the best!!

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I haven't had the same number of problems as littletinker but I have had problems with Nero, EasyCDCreator and Jukebox. Nero would hang or throw up errors, EasyCDCreator won't function on XP and isn't supported anymore and I just plain didn't like Jukebox. All were a waste of money and time. I plug your program in and no problems, no hassles.

It just makes you wonder why the free programs work so much better than commercial ones. I find a program like yours and wonder what's wrong with this picture? I hope you get the support you deserve. I'm quite pleased, thank you.

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Nero did the same for me, would just hang when it was supposed to burn, was very annoying, then when you think its worked it would throw up errors at the end.

I ask myself the same, why would a programme that costs you £60 not work, yet a free software would ... makes you think !!!!

Maybe the big company's add to many bells and whistles, which means more to go wrong ... lolol

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:o:o:o:o 60 Pounds!!!! :o:o:o:o Roughly $90 American. Absolutely outrageous. I can buy a DVD-RW/CD-RW for half that and get the CD burning software with it. I just have to watch for the deals when they are there.

My faminly and myself are from England and I have lived there for short periods of time and worked there. Living there is great but I did find some prices a little high. I never could figure out how so many people could afford to take regular holidays to the Canary Islands, Spain or elsewhere. But like I said, I have only lived there for short periods of time and years ago. Pluses and minuses on both sides of the pond.

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I'ld make a lousy purchasing agent. I see something I like on sale and it will tempt me into possibly buying, wether I need it or not. But, 60 Pounds or $80 Australian just isn't right. For close to those prices, I can purchase OEM XP Home and that is a whole OS.

As a matter of fact, the temptation got me 3 days ago. I ordered a computer for $480, not including taxes, shipping and I will have to collect my rebates. The system includes: $150 worth of tower, MOBO, keyboard, mouse... ; $200 for 3.0 P4 CPu; $70 120 Gig HDD; $90 512 DDR; $40 52X CD-RW (with burning software (that I will not need now :D )) ; and $160 XP Pro. And of course there were a couple of other good deals there also, so I caved in on them also. I had to buy it, just had to. I needed something decent to run my copy of CDBurnerXP Pro on.

On an aside: I have seen the website msfn.org mentioned by Flo, I believe, and once or twice more. I got here from that website. I highly recommend that sight. There are a few things for noobs like me and a ton of things for power users or techs in particular.

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