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DVDShrink/CDBurnerXP PRO burning incompatible DVD-R discs

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Guest Welly Wu

I use DVD Shrink 3.20.15 and I use CDBurnerXP Professional 3.0.116 (I know that 3.5.x is coming by the end of this year). I followed the directions to decrypt, rip, encode a DVD-Video DVD-9 type disc but I'm having all sorts of problems burning a working compressed copy onto a blank 4.7GB single layer DVD-R disc. I can burn the disc fine, but it don't play. I stick it in all sorts of DVD-Video or DVD-ROM drives and it says that the disc is incompatible.

What am I doing wrong here?

Should I create an .ISO file and burn it onto a disc or should I allow DVDShrink to create the AUDIO_TS and VIDEO_TS folders within a folder in my Windows XP Professional SP-2 (security tweaked) partition using NTFS?

What settings do I need to check off in the options / preferences menu system in CDBurnerXP Professional to burn a working compressed DVD-Video that can play on consumer electronics and computer DVD drives?

I've wasted 4 blank DVD-R discs and I've followed all of the (slightly dated) tutorials with no luck. Please help me out here if you use these open source, freeware applications to do the same thing I'm trying to achieve. TIA!

I have no problems with my Plextor PX-708UF or PX-482448TU drives with CDBurnerXP PRO.

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I've done this many times, and had no problems (my drive wont burn an ISO image to DVD-R, but that's a separate issue). I produce the video_ts and audio_ts folders in DVDShrink and then burn them as a data disk with CDBurnerXP Pro's default settings. I've only had one problem with incompatibility, but that was an old Sony, so no surprises there!

Assuming you're following the same work flow, can you play the DVD off the HD? After you've burnt it, can you play it on your PC?

Ian G.

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