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I I am at my wit’s end trying to copy/burn an audio CD with CDburnerXP. I have been attempting on and off to copy audio CDs for the past 3 months (!), tweaking here and there but nothing works. I need help – badly.

The situation:·    

  • Running CDBurnerXP version – the latest version I believe – on Windows 10 Pro version 10.01.19041, build 19041
  • CD/DVD burner version (64 bits)
  • Attempting to copy audio CDs
  • Copying phase appears to work – no error messages; credible time elapsed
  • Program asks for insertion target CD and burning phase starts
  • Program appears to become stuck in burning phase: progress bar does not budge; times > 30 minutes and still no progress.
  • Attempts to abort program fail: program will not shut down.  CTRL-ALT-DEL will shut down the program window but the CD player/burner appears to remain engaged: the control light stays on and the tray will not open.
  • I am forced to close down the PC to stop the program;  I can only remove the CD on which I am trying to burn by restarting the PC and immediately ejecting the CD from the player/burner.


Solutions pleeeeze!


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Update on "Stuck in burning phase"

My post of 25 May concerns the feature “Copy or grab disc” of CDBurnerXP. Up till now I had assumed that I was making some sort of mistake that prevented CDBurnerXP from carrying this function out. After approaching a local computer shop and the testing of all of CDburner’s features the results are clear: all the features work correctly EXCEPT for “Copy or grab disc”.

This is a strong indication that there is something out of order with CDBurnerXP that prevents its software from completing this operation correctly. Attention required CDBurnerXP staff!

I am amazed that the developers have not identified this problem and that users like me are left to muddle through on our own.


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