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Sorting by 'date created' does not sort correctly

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I located sound tracks in my PC and changed the default column "Modified at" to "Created add". I wanted to sort the soundtracks accordingly, but

  1. The loaded sound tracks had incorrect time signature (exactly +2 hours off, maybe time zone or something ?)
  2. When I clicked the column to sort the sound tracks (ascending, so earlier created songs should be on top), they were sorted incorrectly, like this


 Song1 | 24-Jul-21 10:08:42

 Song2 | 24-Jul-21 10:16:40

 Song3 | 24-Jul-21 09:57:28

 Song3 | 24-Jul-21 10:13:36


... and so on. I would show a screenshot, but this site doesn't provide an option to upload images and the link to my image posted online doesn't work for some reason.

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