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Song ordering issue on Audio CD


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Hi, i'm trying to burn 64 songs on a CD-R, the songs total 87:30 minutes
Using 5 seconds of crossfade it all fits on a 80 minute cd

Burning goes ok, but when i play back the songs, the last song plays twice (so it duplicates to track 63 AND 64) and shifts all other songs down a track and loses the first track (track 1 is the 2nd song)

I've double checked the song list, everything is normal. Is this a common issue?

Note: I've tried 2 different ways of adding the files,
1. dragging and dropping the files straight from the folder they were in
2. selecting all the files inside the cdburnerxp explorer and hitting "ADD"

AXP File of the 2nd method used:

desired output can pretty much be deciphered from the track list

Edited by nate390
added AXP file
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