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Error While Writing Audio CD

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MY OS is: Microsoft Windows 2000

I am using: CDBurnerXP 3 Vertsion 3.0.116

I am trying to burn an audio CD. I have it set up on:

Detect Optimal Write Speed: 8x-1200KB/s

Track at once

Buffer Size 4.0MB

Today I've atempted three times to burn an audio dsc. Each time when it starts to burn track one out of two, I receive an Error that says:


Error While Writing Audio CD: Error writing disc!

Any ideas as to what's happening? What I can do? What the problem(s) is?

Last night I burned an Audio CD and did it wonderfully. No problems, no errors.

I would appreciate any help. Thank you!

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Hm, usually disc-at-once is the one which causes problems with some recorders, but I still suggest trying the other method.

Ok, I'll try the other method. How do I choose the method Disc-at-once? Is there a way to choose this in settings? Thank you.


In the To start burning process window. I can only chose Track-at-once. The other options are there but won't let me check them.

Also on the Burn Button Side drop down bar it only shows two options, not three as what I've viewed in the help files. The two it shows are:

-Burn audio disc: Two second gap will be placed between tracks.

-Burn and let me change settings.

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Then your burner does not support disc-at-once mehod. Maybe you try next version again, at the moment I don' have much further advice. You could, for example, try another medium type.

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