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Information for Translation of CDBurnerXP

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1. Choose a language

If you'd like to start a new translation, download the English language file. If you intend to just update an existing translation, download the current resource file of your language from http://cdburnerxp.se/translations.

2. Edit the translation

You can edit the language files with any text editor that supports UTF-8 encoding (like Notepad2), however, if you are not experienced with how editing resource files work, you should use our translation tool.

Special symbols:


This is a variable, which is replaced by a piece of information when the application is executed. You can move it within the text, but do not change or remove it.


This before a letter indicates, that the letter is an access key. Feel free to move it before any letter you think is suitable, but make sure that there are no conflicting ones (the keys will be underlined if you press ALT in the application). Basically, the access keys need to be unique among all other control elementes or menu items that are in the same place.

(3. How language files are structured)

If you decide on a text editor, here is some information about the structure. The file looks a bit like that:

<data name="Select ISO Image To Burn:" xml:space="preserve">
<value>Select ISO image to burn:</value>
<data name="{0}% Writing to disc" xml:space="preserve">
<value>{0}% Burning Disc</value>

name="Select ISO Image To Burn:"

that is what you should not translate.

Select ISO Image To Burn:

this is, what you should translate, everything between < and >.

4. Submit a translation

You can upload the translated file at http://www.cdburnerxp.se/translations

Do NOT zip your resx-file when uploading.

Need a password? Let me know per forum or e-mail (see http://cdburnerxp.se/impressum).

Important: If you edited the file manually, before uploading, create a copy of the file and rename it to "test.xml". Open this file in either Internet Explorer or Firefox (which will cause a syntax check). If you see no error, it's fine. Otherwise you probably have a typo, like one < or > too much.

5. How to test a translation in CDBXP

Unless you are using our translation tool, follow these steps:

At first, download and unpack the attached (bottom) file (LangCompilevX.zip). Start LangCompile.exe and convert your resx file (if you are a tester, get it at http://www.cdburnerxp.se/translations ) to a DLL file. Place it into the sub directory of CDBurnerXP program directory which comes up to the language code of your language or create a new one if it doesn't exist yet. (Re)place the existing file in there and make sure CDBXPP really uses that language (change language in settings). Then start CDBXPP and see the result :)

List of all language-codes:

العربية - ar

العربية (المملكة العربية السعودية) - ar-SA

العربية (العراق) - ar-IQ

العربية (مصر) - ar-EG

العربية (ليبيا) - ar-LY

العربية (الجزائر) - ar-DZ

العربية (المملكة المغربية) - ar-MA

العربية (تونس) - ar-TN

العربية (عمان) - ar-OM

العربية (اليمن) - ar-YE

العربية (سوريا) - ar-SY

العربية (الأردن) - ar-JO

العربية (لبنان) - ar-LB

العربية (الكويت) - ar-KW

العربية (الإمارات العربية المتحدة) - ar-AE

العربية (البحرين) - ar-BH

العربية (قطر) - ar-QA

български - bg

български (България) - bg-BG

català - ca

català (català) - ca-ES

中文(简体) - zh-CHS

中文(繁體) (台灣) - zh-TW

中文(简体) (中华人民共和国) - zh-CN

中文(繁體) (香港特别行政区) - zh-HK

中文(简体) (新加坡) - zh-SG

中文(简体) (澳门特别行政区) - zh-MO

中文(繁體) - zh-CHT

čeština - cs

čeština (Česká republika) - cs-CZ

dansk - da

dansk (Danmark) - da-DK

Deutsch - de

Deutsch (Deutschland) - de-DE

Deutsch (Schweiz) - de-CH

Deutsch (Österreich) - de-AT

Deutsch (Luxemburg) - de-LU

Deutsch (Liechtenstein) - de-LI

ελληνικά - el

ελληνικά (Ελλάδα) - el-GR

English - en

English (United States) - en-US

English (United Kingdom) - en-GB

English (Australia) - en-AU

English (Canada) - en-CA

English (New Zealand) - en-NZ

English (Eire) - en-IE

English (South Africa) - en-ZA

English (Jamaica) - en-JM

English (Caribbean) - en-CB

English (Belize) - en-BZ

English (Trinidad y Tobago) - en-TT

English (Zimbabwe) - en-ZW

English (Philippines) - en-PH

español - es

Español (México) - es-MX

español (España) - es-ES

Español (Guatemala) - es-GT

Español (Costa Rica) - es-CR

Español (Panamá) - es-PA

Español (República Dominicana) - es-DO

Español (Republica Bolivariana de Venezuela) - es-VE

Español (Colombia) - es-CO

Español (Perú) - es-PE

Español (Argentina) - es-AR

Español (Ecuador) - es-EC

Español (Chile) - es-CL

Español (Uruguay) - es-UY

Español (Paraguay) - es-PY

Español (Bolivia) - es-BO

Español (El Salvador) - es-SV

Español (Honduras) - es-HN

Español (Nicaragua) - es-NI

Español (Puerto Rico) - es-PR

suomi - fi

suomi (Suomi) - fi-FI

français - fr

français (France) - fr-FR

français (Belgique) - fr-BE

français (Canada) - fr-CA

français (Suisse) - fr-CH

français (Luxembourg) - fr-LU

français (Principauté de Monaco) - fr-MC

עברית - he

עברית (ישראל) - he-IL

Magyar - hu

Magyar (Magyarország) - hu-HU

íslenska - is

íslenska (Ísland) - is-IS

italiano - it

italiano (Italia) - it-IT

italiano (Svizzera) - it-CH

日本語 - ja

日本語 (日本) - ja-JP

한국어 - ko

한국어 (대한민국) - ko-KR

Nederlands - nl

Nederlands (Nederland) - nl-NL

Nederlands (België) - nl-BE

norsk - no

norsk (bokmål) (Norge) - nb-NO

norsk (nynorsk) (Noreg) - nn-NO

polski - pl

polski (Polska) - pl-PL

Português - pt

Português (Brasil) - pt-BR

português (Portugal) - pt-PT

română - ro

română (România) - ro-RO

русский - ru

русский (Россия) - ru-RU

hrvatski - hr

hrvatski (Hrvatska) - hr-HR

srpski (Srbija i Crna Gora) -sr-Latn-CS

српски (Србија и Црна Гора) - sr-Cyrl-CS

slovenčina - sk

slovenčina (Slovenská republika) - sk-SK

shqipe - sq

shqipe (Shqipëria) - sq-AL

svenska - sv

svenska (Sverige) - sv-SE

svenska (Finland) - sv-FI

ไทย - th

ไทย (ไทย) - th-TH

Türkçe - tr

Türkçe (Türkiye) - tr-TR

اُردو - ur

اُردو (پاکستان) - ur-PK

Bahasa Indonesia - id

Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesia) - id-ID

україньска - uk

україньска (Україна) - uk-UA

Беларускі - be

Беларускі (Беларусь) - be-BY

slovenski - sl

slovenski (Slovenija) - sl-SI

eesti - et

eesti (Eesti) - et-EE

latviešu - lv

latviešu (Latvija) - lv-LV

lietuvių - lt

lietuvių (Lietuva) - lt-LT

فارسى - fa

فارسى (ايران) - fa-IR

Tiếng Việt Nam - vi

Tiếng Việt Nam (Việt Nam) - vi-VN

Հայերեն - hy

Հայերեն (Հայաստան) - hy-AM

Azərbaycan­ılı - az

Azərbaycan­ılı (Azərbaycanca) - az-Latn-AZ

Азәрбајҹан (Азәрбајҹан) - az-Cyrl-AZ

euskara - eu

euskara (euskara) - eu-ES

македонски јазик - mk

македонски јазик (Македонија) - mk-MK

Afrikaans - af

Afrikaans (Suid Afrika) - af-ZA

ქართული - ka

ქართული (საქართველო) - ka-GE

føroyskt - fo

føroyskt (Føroyar) - fo-FO

हिंदी - hi

हिंदी (भारत) - hi-IN

Bahasa Malaysia - ms

Bahasa Malaysia (Malaysia) - ms-MY

Bahasa Malaysia (Brunei Darussalam) - ms-BN

Қазащb - kk

Қазақ (Қазақстан) - kk-KZ

Кыргыз - ky

Кыргыз (Кыргызстан) - ky-KZ

Kiswahili - sw

Kiswahili (Kenya) - sw-KE

U'zbek - uz

U'zbek (U'zbekiston Respublikasi) - uz-UZ-Latn

Ўзбек (Ўзбекистон) - uz-UZ-Cyrl

Татар - tt

Татар (Россия) - tt-RU

ਪੰਜਾਬੀ - pa

ਪੰਜਾਬੀ (ਭਾਰਤ) - pa-IN

ગુજરાતી - gu

ગુજરાતી (ભારત) - gu-IN

தமிழ் - ta

தமிழ் (இந்தியா) - ta-IN

తెలుగు - te

తెలుగు (భారత దేశం) - te-IN

ಕನ್ನಡ - kn

ಕನ್ನಡ (ಭಾರತ) - kn-IN

मराठी - mr

मराठी (भारत) - mr-IN

संस्कृत - sa

संस्कृत (भारतम्) - sa-IN

Монгол хэл - mn

Монгол хэл (Монгол улс) - mn-MN

galego - gl

galego (galego) - gl-ES

कोंकणी - kok

कोंकणी (भारत) - kok-IN

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Hello Flo,

I have done Serbian translation. I'm having troubles with checking it in CDBurnerXP. I did put the compiled dll of serbian translation in subfolder of CDBurnerXP called "en-US". And then when I go to choose the translation in options dialog, there is no option for serbian translation. Can you please answer?

Thank you.

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Instead of putting it to the en-US directory, make a new directory with the appropriate language code.. For example, if you made a russian translation, make a ru-RU directory and put that dll there. See the language code list for the Serbian language in the initial post.

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I have finished Serbian translation and I can't upload it. When I try to do it, it says that I have entered a wrong password.

You should really have to improve your instructions for translators. For years I haven't seen something confusing as this.

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Please, can you tell me how to upload my translation of Serbian language. In Language box there is no Serbian offered. When I try to upload with some other language chosen it says that it is wrong password. Obviously there is no "sr-SP-Latn" offered in that list.

Can someone help, please...

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I have tried that before and it will not work. Wrong Password. I presume that forum password is required here, but my password doesn't seem to be valid in this case. What do you want me to do?

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List of all language-codes:

العربية - ar

العربية (المملكة العربية السعودية) - ar-SA

العربية (العراق) - ar-IQ

العربية (مصر) - ar-EG

العربية (ليبيا) - ar-LY

العربية (الجزائر) - ar-DZ

العربية (المملكة المغربية) - ar-MA

العربية (تونس) - ar-TN

العربية (عمان) - ar-OM

العربية (اليمن) - ar-YE

العربية (سوريا) - ar-SY

العربية (الأردن) - ar-JO

العربية (لبنان) - ar-LB ...

Flo, can you tell me which STANDARD (maybe some ISO?) define/assign this language codes?

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Nope, I can't. These were simply extracted from the MS .NET framework, but I suppose that you can find information on who defined the language codes with google or wikipedia.

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And have you checked your .resxx file for errors? Maybe some XML formatting error can cause it not to compile.

it seems to be ok. i cant see any errors when i save it as xml and open it by double clicking.

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You may try to open it with XML Notepad 2007 (link).. For me, Internet Explorer don't show all errors. If it opens OK with that too, I have no more ideas left.

i found that i accidentally wrote

"..." while i was trying to write "%{0}.."

thak you ^^

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HI Flo,

Why the "version" was removed from the language file? Doesn't it make any harder to track it? (well, it's also fine this way, as long as we get e-mail notification every time its changed)

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