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Warning - The loaded disk is not empty

Guest Laurent

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Guest Laurent

Hello from PARIS,

When I try to burn an ISO file, with CDBurnerXP Pro v 3.0.116, I get the message:

"The loaded disk is not empty. Please insert an empty disk and try again."

but my DVD-R (4.7GB) is brand new! (I have tried with an other DVD-R).

my device is a PIONEER DVR-107D.

Can you help me?



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Guest vbh70s

I am using the same version of the software and getting the same problem, only I am trying to burn an ISO onto a CD-R with a Philips CDD4801.

Anyone know what's going on?

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Guest Help Needed

I also have the same problem of it saying the disk is not empty when its brand new and never been used, so i cannot burn any ISO files onto DVD-R. I am using an NEC DVD RW ND-3500AG.

can anyone suggest anything?

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I did have this problem. If you exit CDBurnerXP then put the blank disc in then wait a few seconds and restart the program it should recognise the disc as being empty.

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Guest Glow

I am also having the same problem. I tried closing the program, inserting the blank disk and re-starting the program, but I am still getting the same error. Has anyone found a resolution?

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Guest RoDo777

I get this error after I burned an UDF image onto my DVD+RWs.

When you open "Disc -> Import Session...", is there a Session 1 and

below "Empty Session"?

Maybe you have a packet writing software, which formatted your DVD with the UDF format.

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This is a big problem! I am trying to burn an .ISO file to DVD but every time I try I get the message referred to in the first post. Have tried the various solutions suggested but nothing seems to work.

I suspect this may be a "bug" since the message can also appear even when no disc is in the drive.

Can anyone suggest a solution? Programmers?

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