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:? Cannot even install, file missing

Guest dissapointed

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Guest dissapointed

My search for burning software will continue I guess. This is getting ridiculous.

I downloaded the 10+meg file last night and when I unzip it and try to run setup it tells me that instmsia.exe is missing. OK, I find another instance of this program on the system and put it in the same directory as setup. Then why I run setup it says that it's configuring the installer and at the end it says it needs to restart. Welll I restart and nothing, I'm just back to the folder where I started with nothing going on. Run setup again and same friggen thing.

PII on win98

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Guest jwente

I have a somewhat similar problem on a Win98 machine.

What notice on the download page? I read the whole page and didn't see a notice. Is it hidden in the update notes somewhere?

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