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The loaded disc is not empty

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I've been trying to burn the newest debian-ISO to a previously used DVD+RW medium. I erased it with CDBXP, but when I try to write the ISO image, I'll only get an error message:

The loaded disc is not empty. Please insert an empty disc and try again

I'm using CDBXP Pro 3.0.166 on Windows XP SP2 with an LG GSA-4040B.

Even Windows XP itself recognizes the medium as being empty. What can I do about this? CDBXP looks really promising, but that's kind of a killer bug...


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Just checked...

The medium appears to be fine, I tried another one and got the same error.

I'm using the latest firmware.

And I have the latest Hyperion driver installed (running on an ASUS A7V333 with VIA KT333 chipset).

Any other ideas?

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Hm, I think there is a way to make your drive work (various 4040B models are listed in compatible drives list), but currently I can't tell you how. Maybe you try next version again...

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Guest Gary

The "Loaded Disk not Empty" error message occurs intermittently when burning

CD/R iso files. Older versions of CDBurnerXP Pro did not have this issue.

When I get this error I shut down the application and restart it. Many times it

will work a disk or two. It also seems sensirive to the brand of CD/R. Some brands

seem to always write while others give the error message more frequently.

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