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My buffer is corrupt

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Guest Zenel2

When I am writing a CD, the light on the drive is blinking RED/YELLOW and the writing

takes much longer than it should. On some other computers, this problem does not

occur (With NE[C]RO). At the end, the data on the CD is OK. The problem is independent

on speed setting (2x or 32 x) and Prog version, and CD type (DATA / AUDIO). Does my

buffer underrun so excessively ? Could this be a HW defect ?

WINDOWS 98, 256 MB RAM, PENTIUM 3, 650 MHz, CD writer IDE Liteon 48x,

, 2 IDE hard drives big and fast enough.

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Perhaps this could also be due to DMA being disabled... check your system settings.

Also make sure other applications aren't running when you're writing. Might want to try disabling anti-virus software temporarily too.

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Guest Zenel2

There is no "good" reason for this. I never run other programms when writing a CD

and there is no background VIRUS or "ANTIVIRUS" active. My HD's are fast enough

and my whole PC is far ABOVE minimum system requiremetnts given for writing CD's.

Additionally, the problem persists if I reduce the writing speed (downto 2x, I didn't

try 1x yet :x ).

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