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New Major Version: 3.5


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I do not have access to the beta forum (I'm a student with four kids and a wife to support so I haven't been able to donate yet), so I can't read what's going on lately regarding progress.

I would like to ask if someone who does have access to the beta forum would mind providing an update, if any, on what's going on with the latest beta version? Are things still moving forward, or have they stalled or been delayed again?

I'm hoping for a "yes, development is coming along nicely, and the private beta is due any day and public release is anticipated around ..." or a "no, there has been a setback or two, and it will be a few more weeks before the private beta" type of response. Nothing more detailed then that.

If this request violates the agreement of those with beta forum access then I wholeheartedly withdraw the question.

Thanks for a great product.. I'm looking forward to the next release.


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sure, and the future is Windows Vista ?! sounds amazing :roll:

I can't even install CDBurnerXP Pro on one of my machine because I don't have (and refuse to install) the last service pack, how good is that ?

That's very good and you have my respect c'se I too don't have SP2. On the other hand I DO have the best protection possible (Antivirus, Firewall, Antispyware with "resident shield", and some other tools like a startup monitor). Join the minority.

But I can't understand why you could not install CDBurnerXP Pro. It works OK on my SP1

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Hi Flo, do you have a release date for 3.5 please? I am new to CDBXP Pro and am trying to work out what version to use/wait for bug fixed new release.



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What are your problems with .NET? Have you actually looked into it?

.NET is being used by a number of large programs now, including driver control panels for nVidia and ATi video cards. There is ABSOLUTELY NO REASON not to install .NET other than the rather large download. If you use an nVidia or ATi video card (with a recent driver), Quickbooks, Norton Ghost, or any number of other large programs you already have .NET installed anyhow.

You're clearly just buying into the hype that the anti-MS crowd is spreading :roll: This is obvious since you're recommending an interpreted language (java / python / perl / PHP) over a compiled one. If you knew ANYTHING about programming, you'd know that interpreted languages sacrifice ALOT of speed to gain compatibility.

I look forward to the new version!

NOTE: Rather than replying with a flame, please reply with facts supporting your anti-.NET stance.

i won't comment about this Java vs .Net flame. BUT

Your comments about Java is wrong:

* It is NOT an interpreted language, but a VM that (exactly like .Net also attempts to do!) compiles a virtual binary code into native code at runtime.

* Java really outperforms .Net in terms of performance. That's why it is used in high-performance 3D graphics and games. The main cause is the .Net implementation of threads and interthread locking which is severely slowed down by its DCOM dependency (everybody knows that DCOM has a very slow instantiation time), and by inferior garbage collector.

* The security of .Net is still lying far behind Java, because most of the implementation of the CLR library is NOT managed (unlike the Java VM where almost all is managed)

Note: .Net is highly dependant of the processor type: its bytecode-to-native JIT compiler is not completely proofed; i've seen many processes dying with uncaught exceptions like this, generally because of unckecked bounds in the native DLLs. At least in Java, we extremely rarely need any native DLL; remember that the native code can't be managed and causes severe performance degradation in .Net (be careful with callbacks to .net from the native code, and with memory allocations; but unfortunately, the memory management in the native code is extremely complex when interfacing native code for .Net due to lots of restrictions and assumptions which are easy to break in C++.

Anyway, I have .Net installed (latest 1.1 framework, plus latest 2.0 framework and latest 3.0 framework compatible with Vista, what a mess! For Java I just need one VM for all apps, the latest version 6 for all!).

But for now, the problem is not there: your application also uses lots of unmanaged code in its libs/*.dll, and this is where the applications has problems: in fact i can't even run the first start screen:

* no problem at installation (yes I checked the .net framework installation ***before*** installing CDBurnerXP Pro, and Yes i have rebooted XP as requested)

* but when launching it I get a fatal error immediately in a dialog box (translated, because my system is Running Windows XP SP2, French Retail version, with all security updates installed, including those for .Net):

Title: "cdbxpp.exe - Common Language Runtime Debugging Services"

Text: "The application has thrown an uncaught exception.

Process iD=0xd60(3424), Thread ID=0xf18 (3864).

Click OK to terminate the application.

Click Cancel to debug the application."

There's nothing in any log file. No other file are created in addition to the installed files.

Nothing else visible in the windows Event Log Viewer (the same message as above only, logged in the System Log).

Conclusion: uninstall CDBurnerXP Pro, reboot, try reinstalling it, reboot, retry, same result... So uninstall, reboot and delete it. It does not work (in fact no version works on my computer, either 3.0 or 3.5...)

Really, the problem is certainly in one of your native libraries that fail with the stricter checks performed now in .Net: your DLLs are corrupting the .net managed memory (in a debugger I see immedaitely that the stack is corrupted, that the .Net heap becomes inconsistant, and that there are monitor deadlocks).

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And what happened to the "Hopefully we will release a early beta version at the end of this year (2006)." that was mentioned by Stefan last December?

It's already February and still there isn't any news on a new beta release???

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It's already February and still there isn't any news on a new beta release???

This is how our developers handle releases and release dates. I don't like it either, believe me...

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Several days ago, I have donated with expectations of getting a beta-release version. Could you at least verify that I am supposed to receive an email from cdburnerxp.com with a password? I cannot access that board now?



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Me too, I donated but cannot access the beta area. How does it work? am I supposed to get another activation email? I would like to start using the beta version.

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Guest LeoniAquila

I'm a new user here, really look forward to the 3.5 version! However, since it will use .NET I would like to ask: which version of .NET should I install for the upcoming CDBurner XP? I use Win XP SP2. Currently I have the latest .NET Framework, 3.0. I plan to reinstall my system soon, should I then choose .NET 1.1, 2.0 or 3.0? Actually I also use AutoCAD and maybe it requires 2.0, but what about CDBurnerXP?

Thank you,


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Guest LeoniAquila
.NET 2.0 will be good for the upcoming versions.

Ok, thanks for the info. May I also ask a general .NET question - which version to choose? Is there any performace advantages of the 3.0 or does it, for example, slow down the system? 2.0 is "lighter"?


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..Is there really gonna be a new version and if so, WHEN?

Ya'll seem to have been working on this for almost 2 years now, getting users to donate to yer cause but not showing any results.

And calling 3.5 a "major" revision.......not really. That's more like an update to the original program with no need for beta testing of any kind.

If it's truly a "major" revision, then it should be called version 4 and then the alpha and beta testing would commence.

And as for donating to be a beta tester........NOT!!!!!!

You should actually be paying us to be your testers, not us paying you to use our systems to test your new product for you.

Something just don't seem right here.

Can you please give specifics as to where you are with the beta testing, which version of beta, how the testing is progressing, any date for release of new version, etc.

When a person comes in and asks a question as to why does CDBurnerXP not read a certain file and the reply from you is "No it doesn't".....I don't think that is very good customer support.

I'm not seeing very many results for all the "donations" you been getting.

Now go have a great day.


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where is the download???

thxrd: Go to the Beta forum where you can get the latest beta version of 4.0.x.

pikaczu: if you're not a donor or translator, you should wait a little bit for the 4.0 public version.

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I am a new CDBXP user, but until now I like it, and I am looking forward to the 3.5 and 4.0 versions, except that it will use .NET 2.0. Which means the install file will be about 5 megs. Yeah, but I will need to install that crappy .NET 2.0, which is 22 MB. Just to use CDBXP... So the 5 megs install is 27 megs in reality. Of course that size is not huge, I can live with it easily, but I will need to install an another M$ crap to my computer.

As a programmer I understand the decision, to start to use a framework, as an M$ antifan and open-source fan I don't, at all. Fortunatelly the .NET framework is free...

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We'll provide an alternative package, just wait and see. When using Microsoft Windows, a few more megs of MS crap won't matter at all.

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