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Audio CD Creation


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What decoder library for MP3s does this program use? Also, does it decode on-the-fly or can it decode to WAV then burn?

Can audio cd mode be burned in DAO mode? I haven't seen the option for it and I don't want the 2-sec gap between tracks.

Thanks very much!

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It's using the L.A.M.E encoding engine version 3.95.1, yes and it can decode on the fly just add supported audio files. And to your last question it's using TAO when burning and there are no options for now, we hope to change this in a futher version.

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I look very forward to DAO mode being incorporated!

That pesky 2-sec gap can ruin cd's hehe.

How can I make the mp3s decode first and THEN burn?

I run an older computer and it cannot handle on-the-fly burns.

Also, possible support in a later version for MAD decoder? It's the highest quality MP3 to WAV Decoder I know of.

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