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Flo has been kind enough to provide a live chat area for us to use for solving issues where a walk-through would be of service... kind of like a live tech support area, but *not* staffed constantly.

I will be monitoring it during my vists to the forum, so generally when you see mamengineer on the forum, you'll see mamedude in the chat area. Flo checks in now and then as well. If one of us isn't there when you check in, be patient and see if we show up.

the address is: http://www.cdburnerxp.se/chat/ removed

My ground rules:

Do not abuse this as a personal chat area.

No cussing, at any time, unless it is done by me (just kidding!)

If too much general banter starts to interfere with really helping someone, or if cussing becomes prevalent, I will advise Flo to cut the chat from the server, and *you* won't have it anymore.

Thanks all,



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and why I am here as a moderator and troubleshooter...

I purchased my first personal computer in 1977... I have owned and/or used at least one of every processor in the x86 family at one point or another, from 8086 to AMD Opteron. When I bought my first CD burner, it was a 1x, discs cost $2.50 US each. I have run Sun workstations (Solaris) and every OS Microsoft or IBM had (DOS, WIN, AIX, OS/2 Warp, etc...) I currently run Windows XP SP2 and Fedora Core 3. In other words, over the last nearly 30 years, I have compiled quite a bit of experience. Oh, and I work in IT every day, trouble shooting client PC issues.

(and my professors in college told me that computers would never get me anywhere!)

:lol: jokes on them, eh?

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