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Happy New Year!

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Happy new year everyone!

A new year a with a new CDBXP version coming soon..stayed tuned :)

Well i guess i should summarize a few changes we've done

1. Moved from VB6 to VB.NET(i know not everyone like this..this something we had postponed but finally got around to. No matter what some think about .NET CDBXP will be ready for the future which had not been the case if we hadnt moved)

2. Language support, yep you will be able to run cdbxp in several different languages(finally)

3. Dual-layer media support :)

4. A more flexible compilation area..drag drop within compilation tiling,hiding different panels and more :)

5. New installation program(smaller,faster and better) this time based on the excellent Inno Setup!

6. Many redesigned areas within CDBXP, hopefully most will like the changes we've made :)

There's more but i will leave something for you all to find out yourselves

Again happy new year all and also please share a thought to all of those whos life are lost or to those who lost near and dear in the dreadful tsunami disaster.


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Guest Guest

Will there be a way to make a 1:1 copy directly with the software? That´s the only feature i miss at the moment. Are there plans to realize ist?

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Guest Espadon

Congratulations for this superb piece of software! By the way, my only pbl is that can burn only in TAO with my HP 8200. It's quite vintage, but could also burn DAO! Anything I can do? Thanks a lot.

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