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Burning tag info to CD also

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Hello Chris,

I am wondering if you are trying to make an Audio Cd (for a Cdplayer) with Tag capabilities, If so, you are referring to "Cd-Text". CD-Text, at the moment in not intergrated into CdBurnerXp. This option, I'm sure will be offered in a future release. Cd-Text, allows you to Name a CD (like a Data CD) but also have the Track name Listed as well. With CD Text, whatever information you provide for the Track will be displayed on the CD players Display screen.

If however, you are refering to Mp3/Ogg/Wma Tag information. Each of the formats have thier own way to store the tag information.

Example: Mp3's have a place inside the header of the file that stores the tag information. Mp3's also have 2 different tag standards (ID3v1, ID3v2) without going into a long detailed explaination, basically ID3v2, is the newer more advantced Tag displayer.

No matter which format you have Mp3/Ogg/Wma, the tag information is saved with the file. So there is no need to worry about.

If you wish to re-tag all the mp3's you have I suggest Mp3 Tag Tool v1.2 build 008

(http://sourceforge.net/projects/massid3lib) it is a freeware program that allows you to MASS Delete/Rename and basically everything to do with MP3 Tag information.

Then once everything is the way you want it, you want to choose "Data CD" and select the files you want.

If your question wasn't answered, drop some more information, and I'm sure someone will give you the correct answer.

- Your neighbourhood spiderman,


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