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Lost Data During Multisession Use...

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To begin with, CDBurnerXP Pro is a fantastic program... It is a shame you cannot get Microsoft to use it in Windows as their standard CD writing program. What they (M$) provides is unbelieveably ancient. However... the point here is NOT to bash Microsoft.

I just installed the new version (obviously not 3.5). I say this since I already forgot the version number. Anyway, I used it the other day to make several Multi Use disks and everything seemed to work perfectly. Until I went to add some additional files to one of my disks. I clicked on "Multisession" and dropped the file from the drop-down list and clicked the "Burn" button. Recording started as expected... Fairly soon after, a small window opened stating "Only Joliet files are allowed " or something like that. All I could do was click on "OK" and the burn session continued. Just at the end, an error was shown (I unfortunatly do not remember what it said since I am new to this.

So, what I normally do is, once dick is finished, move the original file from Hard Drive to trashcan. Then I play disk to make sure all info was successfully recorded. The only thing that happened was the "Joliet" window I mentioned earlier. The disk, per your program indicated it has just over 600 Mb's on it but nothing is accessible. The computer seems to see it as a blank disk. But it is loaded.

The data on that disk is critical for me and I have to find a way, if it is possible, to either recover it, or be able to view said data.

No... I DID NOT save the compilation since I was not sure what I was being asked to do.

Can I get a few pointers on the proper use of saving the compilation and when to do it (had I saved it earlier, would I now have a solution to resolve my problem by simply making another copy using the saved data?).

Also, can anything be done with the recorded disk I have?

My appologies for being so talkative here but I hope to be able to explain this strange situation as best I can the first time.

Thanks in advance.

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Saving your compilation before won't help, because the files are not included in the project file. You can however, recover your data with ISOBuster(.com).

What do you mean with "and dropped the file from dropdown list"?

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Hi Flo,

Thanks for the response.

To answer your question... I meant "drag and drop".

And I downloaded ISO Buster. It worked great. Took the "lost" data, put it back where I originally started, and simply made another CD.

Thanks. And, especially thanks for XP Pro3... it is great for burning CDs and ISO Buster is great for fixing mistakes (made by the operator... aka "me").

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