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Silent install

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Guest Luf


I try silent install CDBurnerXP on Windows 2000 and I have some problems. When I install it manually it is installed for all users. But when I install it automaticly "setup.exe /q /v/qb-" it's installed only for one user.

Exists some install switch?

Thanks a lot


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Guest jpralves

:D I tested with success the following command:

setup.exe /q /v"ALLUSERS=2 /qn"

:idea: (Don't forget the quotes)

It works like a charm in an unattended installation - no need for unpack/repackaging


Joao Alves

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Guest J.C.

been about a year since that last post, latest installer at this time uses Inno setup so here's an example for a custom silent install:

cdbxp_setup_4.0.024.439.exe /VERYSILENT /SP- /NORESTART /DIR="%ProgramFiles%\CD-DVD\CDBurnerXP" /GROUP="CD-DVD\CDBurnerXP" /MERGETASKS="!desktopicon"

a personal request of mine would be if its at all possible to release as was done with some of the code, the installer script and pascal scripts it uses. :)

Inno Setup http://www.jrsoftware.org/isinfo.php

for further referrence use inno setup's help file or online:


(credit goes to Lawrence Mayer, and to the Unattended project on sourceforge)

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Guest AngieF


I would like to uninstall CDBurnerXP command line and in silent mode but I do not know what parameter passing for deinstallation.

Thank you for your help.


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