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SoLUTioN for error sense data:SENSE KEY:3 ASC: C ASCQ:O

Guest kippi30000

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Guest kippi30000

My personal SoLUTioN for this problem!

I had burned nearly 10 cdrs, with failure occuring at 90%

got pissed off. turned off NORTON SYSTEMWORKS 2004!!

burned again..

this time it worked!! tried it out on 3 cdrs, and all burned without any problems!!

The other thing i did before it started burning properly was by full-erasing a cdrw first.. and burning it full to the max..

in a nutshell,

1. put in a cdrw, and full-erase it.

2. Burn it to the max size possible.

3. Disable Norton Systemworks 2004.

4. Burn your regular cdrs SUCCESSFULLY!

by the way, i have a liteon 52327S. this problem seemed to begin with the upgrade to WINXP SP2 too, but then again.. it may have been the Systemworks too..

The CDRs which i used was : Benq, Imation and some brand called future power.

if this doesn't work for u, then try out as many things as possible.. (disable XX and stuff like that)

This has worked once for me; 1 hour before i typed in this post.

if it still works for me after a week, then i'll probably update it here, and put ALL the blame on NoRToN for doing this to 10 CDRs of MINE!

P.S. the error codes can't help you at all, if you got this error, you probably had

"error 1005", which meant unknown error, and

"error sense data:SENSE KEY:3 ASC: C ASCQ:O", which meant

"burning error, look at previous message for more error details".

Good Luck! the frustration really gets everyone, hope i've helped!

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Guest Trashcan

Well, I too have a liteon 52327S, and I don't even get that far.

'There are no compatible CDR drives reported. Some older CDR drives are not currently supported.' Dang. What now? Anyone got an idea?

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