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v2.2.4 feedback/feature request

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I've tried and rejected Nero & Roxio. NTI CD-Maker was adequate. For iso burning, at least, your product is much better and more reliable than any of them. Congratulations on a very good program!

Below is a combination of feedback and/or requests in no particular order.



1) Launch program so that window is either minimized in tray or resized much smaller than now. (as it is, everytime I launch, the program takes up my 18" LCD which interrupts my other work).

2) Forget about the clock you place in lower right-hand corner. Most of us already have clocks on the system's tray *and* your clock's second-hand is not smooth/accurate since it is sharing the program's resources.

3) Let users define the default directory to be used. I (and a lot of others I know) keep or move all images to very few places on the disk's directory and "my documents" isn't a great place to store them.

4) When burning more than one iso, have the directory remain the same. This is similar to #3 but, once a user has already defined a sub-directory for a _given_session_, let them return to that sub-dir.

5) Add an "options" tab to the main window wherein users can modify basic setup options (look/feel, default burner, joliet or iso, etc)

6) In general, use the tab structure found in most windows (and gnu-based) applications. This will decrease the learning-curve and mistakes made by new users. (ie "file, edit, tools, help")

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