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Freeware vs. OpenSource License

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Guest Me

Yea - if you have say 5 developers working on a closed project - well an Open source project will have more if its good...as long as its good (which CDBXP is) there will be lots of support.

This project would be supported well, it fills an important gap.

Open Source :lol:

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Guest David English

I just want to thank all the posters in this thread. Having been burned by "freeware" that is anything but "free" in the sense of being able to use it, I too was concerned, but now I'm not.

I'm an Instructional Technologist (labtech) for a community college. I will be installing CDBXP in the labs I manage. While we do not have any mechanism for donations, nor money for that matter, I thought I'd just let you know that your userbase just jumped by about 3000 students per semester.

Thank you for an impressive application,

David... (Camosun College, Victoria BC, Canada)

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The best solution is just to build up your own code libraries so you don't have to rely on anyone for free or opensource stuff. If you need something spin up the compiler and burn it out. You can start earning a lot if you just stick to it.


Penwith Collegebbp.jpg

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Guest al2

Some people here seem to think that open source project keep updating but they won't if there aren't any developers the same story goes for freeware. The only advantage I can think of is that others have access to the source and can start where others have stopt developing.

WOW some FACTS and objective reasoning - a novelty for this thrd full of scientific method + reality free delusional/child like/hippyish/brainwashed/conceited idealistic mentality in so many of these pro- open source posts.

The most i've ever read on Open Source comes from this thread BUT the arguments for seems to be based on the concept's whiter than white INFALLIBILITY as compared to any other path. Always glowing testimonals,anecdotes and examples are given yet i can see how easilly the set up could turn sour.Look at the kid earlier in the thread that says about the buzz he gets from being involved in the project imagine instead of the endless inferrence that ONLY super moral humans get involved with these projects HOW about normal humans with alternative motives,selfishness greed etc what about individuals who have terrible skill + ineptness but are attention seeking or sly ,deceitful, manipulative,arrogant + power hungry(eg Blair,Bush - the project would soon end up worse than ever, LMAO)? I can see how failures ASWELL as successs can occur.

Also note how conceited the pro OS views are when it comes to the programmers reasoning for NOT choosing OS - they are so sure and confident they must know the thoughts + views of another when in fact even the mind does not have enough computing power to comprehend its own complexity

As a supporter fo the scientific method(OBJECTIVITY,impartiality,fairness,,rationality) which regardless of producing bad or good has proved that it does actually work as seen through its endless progressive effects through history on our lives - for one that it is bound by the nature of our existance/reality ie. cause + effect and that change is inevitable.

....and what is the main point of their arguments...to PREVENT change via loss(of their personal SUBJECTIVE favourite program).Evolution is one of the most succesful(in term of its goals) system that we know off...WHY? it embraces change via death + survival which ultimately lets it conquer mass extinction.

Unfortunately i don't think programming has the flexibilty + luxoury of magnitude of time that evolution has , however it has still survived - though programmes evolve it is only by the finite existence + death(sooner or later) of individual programmes.Software makes advances in finite leaps like hardware does.

If you don't (at least eventually) accept and adapt to change you are decreasing your chances of survival (in its very broadest sense eg emotional well being) whether thats one programme you personally like more than myriads of others of the same type,having to get a new computer etc etc because you can't even get spare parts to fix your old one, the end of a relationship or the death of a loved one....

You say you don't bitch and moan BUT YOU DO! imo - the amount of a ungratefulness,disrespect and inferences you make about the programmers motives is repulsive and hypocritical especially considering the morality you blatantly profess you adere to.

Rather than seemingly living in the fantasy world you inhabit but may some day be forced to leave and end up where the rest of us are where very little of use is trully free, how about appreciating the rare opurtunity of using a quality product for a decent amount of time REGARDLESS OF THE SIZE OF THe WINDOW OF OPPURTUNITY or THE MOTIVATION(if any)that can't be supported from evidence and info on this site.

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Dude, I don't think anyone was being ungrateful for this product. Most people in favor of open source see it as a good thing because of positives. You might have some naive folks thinking it is the answer to all our problems as a species, but really it is a GOOD thing if a product is open-source.

Open source allows:

-The user to modify the source to fit their needs

-The user (if so skilled) to fix problems native to their own system/compatibility

-The user to add or remove whatever they want or don't want

-People to keep a project going after the original creator has quit

-Variations on the original source to come out, if the creators dont want dvd support, someone else can do it...

-Gives a project some level of immunity to sudden changes in law or government (ref: now defunct dvd decrypter)

-a million other things

Open source is considered a philosophy by some yes, but it is really a practical way to produce software. I think given the reality, most people can be justified in asking why a freeware project isnt open... The general reasons to date tend to be (tho not always) that 1: the company is going to eventually charge for the software, or 2: has hidden spyware/adware and doesnt want it seen. Thus I understand people's concern and questions. I too would enjoy seeing this product turned to open source.

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Just so people know CDRecord has DVD & CD writing capabilities. It has been supporting DVD writing since 1998. Source :- http://cdrecord.berlios.de/old/private/cdrecord.html :)

Another thing there is a tool called Infra Recorder http://infrarecorder.sourceforge.net/ which does use cdrecord & other open source tools, u guys should seriously check it out, they are under GPL2 license & one can also download the source code & see what they have done. These guys can seriously give u competition.

I would like if u guys do come up with a fork or something & I have tested tht one also & it works even though its at 0.41 . With using CDRecord & stuff, they just made sure tht the underlying technology is always available as so many distros are dependant on cdrecord & the other stuff :)

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