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I tried to add some files to a data CDRW and somehow erased all of the previous content. I have read several messages on this subject and can't understand how to avoid doing this again. Since a help or tutorial file is not available (In the works?), could any of the experts help a beginner by writing a step-by-step instruction on how to do this? I specially don't understand the use of sessions, although I see the panel on the right hand side. Many thanks to whoever supplies this info!! Roberto.

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Helpfile is in progress.

Because it takes some time, I will give you a shorter description now, in the future helpfile you will find a long one ;-)

Choose Data-CD after startup, then select the first session on the right below "Session View". Switch to the session tools on the left and click on "add". Then do the same with all further sessions in the session view. On that way, all your previous Data will be imported.

Now add you new Data and burn.

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I am sorry, I still don't understand what to do!I am looking at the start page CDBXP, I put my data CD into the computer, select Data CD and I see the Session view and see: 13 items, the first 11 note: Importable: NO, added:----, then 12 and 13 have a minus (red-),Importable YES, added NO. On the left panel I see:File tools ( I don't see session tools) with options: Select all (it selects all files from Explorer files); Deselect all;Add files; Delete files; Delect all files. Am I on the right page? I am usuing version 2.2.4 . Do I have to switch the sessions 12 & 13 minus signs to + signs under the image tab select "add session" so that the 2 items now in the Cd are not erased? Very confusing!

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Yes, it is. But there will be some changes in next version (finally).

There you find the session tools:


Then just do what I said above.

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