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News about the next release

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Hi everyone [:)]

It's been a long time since the latest release, so I think it's time to leak something about next release:

1. Added possibility to make ISO images, this can be started from the ISO Writer menu.

2. Updated the development environment to Service Pack 6, I hope this will make the application to work better under Win98 and WinME.

3. New background in the main window.

4. Rewritten the check update, now it uses the html protocol, this should eliminate problems with downloads.

5. Added a button in the toolbar for starting the ISO Creator.

6. Changed the layout of Data Writer, Audio Writer and DVD Writer windows.

7. Added a new size meter to see how much is added to the compilation.

8. Added popup menus for adding sessions to the CD.

9. Added popup menus for adding and deleting files from the compilation.

10. New buttons for moving up, creating directories, select all and deselect all files in the file view.

11. Added function for detecting previous sessions on the media, if there is a previous session the program will ask if it should import the latest session.

12. Added a new button for inverting selected files in the file window.

13. Added a new button for filtering files after there extensions.

14. Changed the icons in the main toolbar.

15. Changed the icons in the Audio Ripper.

This is what is finished so far, Fredrik is still working hard on the release. There are some problems to get all the objekts to resize as we wish. Myself I have been working on a new installer and I hope this will solve some of the install problems with not registred controls, outdated versions of controls and a few other problems that comes from the installer. I wish and hope that the release will be ready by the end of the week or this weekend.

Regards Stefan [^]

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While I'm waiting for Fredrik I have started working on options for CDBurnerXP Pro. I have included a few options already:

1. Choose if the ask exit dialog will be showed when exit program.

2. Choose if the main window should be maximized or not.

3. Start automaticly with the last used project type.

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No I don't think the release would take so much longer just finished the data writer window yesterday two more to go... And I very greatful for your help with the help file, I let you know as soon as possible.

Regards, Stefan

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I'm new to this forum & just recently discovered CDBXPP. So far is seems to be a very solid, intuitive program. Very nice!

However, I used it for audio CD burning yesterday for the first time (up till then had been for data writing only) I notice that there is no option to select from DAO or TAO ( it appears to write TAO, since it does one track at a time to an audio CD.) Am I missing a way to switch the method, or if not, are there plans to offer DAO writing?

Other than that, this app is great!

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