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To make an image ISO bootable

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I downloaded


of http://kaella.linux-azur.org/

I engraved the file "Kaella-Knoppix_Linux_Azur_2.0.iso"

avec CDBurnerXP Pro 3 http://www.cdburnerxp.se/

option boot (there are options which I cannot regulate) and even nobootable

Here options of CDBurnerXP Pro 3

I notched Make Disc Bootable and I see: In

Boot Image Properties

C:\Program Files\CDBurnerXP Pro 3\Tools\DosBootimage.IMA

Emulation Type : (I chose 5ième )


Floppy1_44MB (95/98/ME boot images)



NoEmulation (NT/2000/XP boot images)

Load Segment : 7CO Sectors : 1

Platform 80X86 PC

Ci below, I did not notch anything:

Disable ISO File Delimeters (;1)

Enforce ISO Level1 (8+3 char max)

Note: some Boot Images must use Iso Level 1 enforced.This pertains only to ISO 9660 portion of image (not Jolivet)

I launch my PC and one says to me

Verefing DMI Pool Data

Boot From CD

1. HD System type (OF)

cannot load DOS! Any key to retry

What to make?

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Guest Shane777

How about an English link? I have the same question in English. Except, I want to burn the Mandrake Linux distro. :firefox: I really like this emoticon!


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Guest just a phlak user

I know that cdburner xp pro works for iso, but done it along time ago, with outdated software

If you want a freeware that burns iso,,,,,bootable iso, and linux distro's there is a tool called burncd cc that does a great job at http://www.snapfiles.com/get/burncdcc.html. it is not a installer, just unzip and use. no instructions thou, doesn't need any, it automatically looks for iso files and already knows what cd/dvd burner you are using. VERY EASY software to use. I have a tip, don't check anything that's not. I left everything alone and burned alot of iso's with it that worked

I hope you all enjoy it as much as I have

:firefox: got to love mozilla!

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Guest Goober

I understand that this is a simi old post but Knoppix live cd does not require any boot options from any burning software, it has its own linux boot otpions once its burned as an iso :)

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