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  1. Hello Ray! When the program tells you that you do not have a "Recorder" installed or selected, it is referring to a device, such as a CD-R/RW, that can copy the information you have selected. If you need one, you can go to any store or online store, as Flo metioned, to purchase one. Just tell them you need a CD Burner and I am sure they will know what you mean. As far as installing it, since you have made it clear that you are not too familiar with how this works, I recommend that you have a professional do it or possibly have the place you buy your recorder from install it. I hope this helps!
  2. I had not burned any data to the disk. The data I was trying to burn was on a disk that had 702.82mb of data on it and was burned by a friend using the XP program. The XP program told me it had 5333mb on it. Am I doing something wrong?
  3. When trying to burn data disc I get this error message; Error trying to write past the end of the media(1021) Error Sense Data: Sense Key:5 ASC:21 ASCQ:0 I use Win2K Pro SP 4 Also, when I downloaded this program I did not download the Bit Torrent version. Should I?
  4. I just downloaded this software and need help! When trying to burn a Data CD(game) the program tells me there are 5333mb on the disk I am trying to burn. This cant be correct because the disk I am tying to burn only holds 700mb. How do I burn this? Any suggestions?
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