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  1. Hi, nope not using any form of remote access, working directly on/in the server hard ware / WinS2012 environment.
  2. Hello, I have been using BurnerXP under WInS2008R2 successfully for a long time archiving data to an LG GE20LU11 USB burner. I have rebuilt the server with WinS2012 and have run into an issue, BurnerXP will not shake hands with any media CD, DVD single or dual layer, insists there is no media. The drive is recognised by the system & allocated a drive letter, no issues with drivers, device properties are fine. I can use the built in MS burning routine to the drive without an issue any media you like burns & reads fine. I have tried other burning software all have the same issue media is not detected ....... So what has changed in Server2012? and can this issue be fixed. Matter of interest the media I use is either Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden, throw in burner, burn, 100% never any errors, bullet proof. Any help to resolve this bellyache would be very appreciated Peter
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