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[C] disk spanning

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Guest ana thema


CDBurnerXP is a really cool program, but it would be the coolest ever if it had the disk spanning feature. I've been looking for a free cd burning program with such a feature, but I've had no success, actually I think that such a program doesn't exist :( so it would be great if CDBurnerXP had this feature. I wish you could implement it someday :)

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Guest soon2busingthisapp

i personally haven't used this, but disk spanning will guarantee i will

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I am really looking for (and for a while now) a burning program that will do basic spanning; and not a backup program. I hope that you will seriously consider it.


EDIT: oh yeah, and please enable searching for guest users. I don't think it's enabled, and notice that if it was, there would be a lot less people making new threads regarding this feature.

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I would love this feature in CDBurnerXP Pro. One thing I would like to see with this feature is being able to save and load disc spanning projects. This would be a great feature for backing stuff up, so it would know what has already been burned on the current and past discs.

I love this program and plan to donate in a few days here when I get paid.


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I have used Roxio Easy CD/DVD creator in the past. And it has Disc spanning. If you create a data project and the data will need 2+ CD/DVDs, then burns the discs and includes an exe for unspanning the discs.

Of course I don't like this method because I think it splits what ever file it needs to, so that every disc is full before it starts the next disc. And so I think it requires the windows only exe to unspan the discs. Which means you have to "restore" all the files to disc to get ALL the files.

Anyways. It would be cool if CDbXPPro had smart spanning that would just intelligently put nearly equal amounts of data on each disc so that it would be the same as manually creating each disc. This way each disc is just a normal data disc and won't require an "unspanning" util. That way you can still just drag all the data you want into your project and have it create each disc one by one, while still ending up with normal discs.

Of course, that is probably similar to how you would have chosen to do it anyways. Just wanted to explain how existing apps did it , so that could be avoided. :)

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Guest henry

It would be nice if disk spanning is possible.

Just a basic implementation of when you know a CD should run out of space,(you know the size of the files and the CD ) , ask for another CD, or via options what to do if a CD runs out f space.

For me there is no need for a cataloged or indexed system.

Thanks in advance

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