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Guest Ruslan

Problem for Unicode language

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Guest Ruslan

Hi, developers!

My name is Ruslan Malanchuk, i live in town Vinnitsa (Ukraine).

I'm download and usage CD Burner XP Pro version 3.0.116 build 0930. My OS Windows XP SP 1 OEM + russian MUI.

For write to disk (cd-rw) my music and documents for titles in Russian charset. After burn i look it in Explorer my disk and....

Please look for screenshot in this mail.

Help, but this bug only looking for operation system for russian language by default.

But Nero Burning Rom 6.6.* write Russian folders and files correctly. What's this?

System information:

OS: Windows XP Professional OEM SP1+Russian MUI


CD-ROM: Samsung SC152L

DirectX: 9.0c

P.S. Russian and Ukraine Language NOT support for Unicode in WinXP!

Please help me and don't for get - in world leave many users talk and read in russian&ukraine language.

A possible answer...


Ruslan Malanchuk,


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This is a very well known bug (see download page, reported often enough before) but we still don't have a fix. It is just a matter of time I think.

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Guest Fanda


I have the same problem with some czech characters (windows native is cp1250). In top window (harddrive) is everythink ok, but in CD/DVD window are squares instead of national characters. The result on burned CD/DVD is same as in the CD/DVD window...

Everything else is perfect, thanks!


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