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How to make VCD/SVCD

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Guest Tonal

I wont to make VCD or SVCD from AVI file.I was converted AVI file to

MPEG file, but when I burn the file on CD and try to see video on my

stand alone player i can not see anything.

When I do same thing with the other program for burning evrything is OK.


I try to look in the help file of the program but there is same thing for

the DVD and for the VCD/SVCD.

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Will it be considered for a future release?

I still use Nero but only to write to dual-layer DVDs (until the next version is released) and to make VCDs.

If this feature will ever be included, I could delete Nero once and for all. :wink:

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That was me. Didn't realize I had been logged out. :oops:

Anyway, the latest full version of the K-Lite pack has mpeg-2 and mpeg-4 codecs although it would appear that these do not allow you to encode in Nero.

However, and it's quite a big 'however'... making VCDs from existing media does not have to rely on having the correct encoding component of a codec. WinAVI Video Converter will convert any movie media file to mpg when using the VCD conversion. If CDBXP had a VCD burning option similar to Nero, then you could easily burn the mpg as a VCD without needing any codecs.

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In other words, Nero requires codecs if you are burning a VCD from anything other than an ordinary MPEG file. This same feature could be written in to CDBXP. It would be up to the end user to obtain encode codecs or to use WinAVI Video Converter. The codecs aren't hard-coded into Nero. They would not have to be hard-coded into CDBXP either.

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With GNU VCDImager, you can create a VCD image from your VCD-compliant mpg files. Thus, first convert your video to mpeg-1 (for VCD) or mpeg-2 (for sVCD), then use VCDImager to create an iso image, then use CDBurnerXP to burn the image.

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